Welcome To Six Toes Innovations

Everything we make we come up with ourselves in our cutting edge, top of the line, SixToes Research and Development baseme... ahh Facility.

What we are offering at the moment:


IF you've had your precious flowers destroyed by a Hose Gone Rogue as it drags across
       them, then the World's Greatest Garden Hose Guide is just what you're looking for!


                                                         Now Available on Amazon.com  RIGHT HERE!







  IF  you are a Jeep owner (CJ7, YJ, TJ, or even JK) and are itching to take
   your doors off but don't want to leave them at home because you're worried
   it will rain, get cold, or you don't want to get wind blown, then the Jeep
    Door Carrier is just the thing for you!  


   COMING SORT OF SOON!  June 2012-ish.






       IF you're tired of expensive resin/AKA plastic wands that look like every one
                   else's wand. Or, if you have (unfortunately) bought one of those wands and when
                   it broke, the seller acted like they didn't even know you-  THEN you need to

  Custom Magic Wands and see how Second Hand Sorcery treats you! Our wands are solid wood -usually oak or
 acacia. All wands come with a six (6, vi) month warranty. Sure they're mostly unstable and potentially dangerous
 but that's half the fun! So buy one of our wands, and if you show up at a socal event with it, you can put it down
 (not recommended!) and not worry about mixing it up with any other wand there! Give us a look.

                                                        AVAILABLE HERE






Are you looking for custom made Steam Punk items, or a Star Trek (The Original Series) Refrigerator Magnet? Then my Bits and Pieces Site is the place you want! Also on Etsy                                    AVAILABLE HERE!

The Tales From a Second Hand Wand Shoppe books are now Published!
Experience firsthand the never-before-told tales of Drimblerod and Grimbledung as they run their used wand shop. Book 5 has now been released in this rollicking adventure. Suitable for ages 13 and up these 105,000 to 123,000 word stories will keep you on the edge of your seat! If you're sitting. We're not sure what they'll do to you if you're on the floor, so read prone at your own risk!

   Find the 105,000 word Book 1 HERE on Amazon